Windy City weekend

2 people, 73 miles, 3 days

by Ken W.

With our knowledge of Chicago limited to films, books, and its architectural legacy, we flew down to the Windy City.

After Viktor greeted us at the airport, we hopped on the freeway and made our way to the inner city. Breezing through cars, Viktor told us his story, including the long journey of acquiring his dream car and his experiences in Chicago. Intrigued, we asked him for recommendations, to which he responded by changing routes to show us around his neighborhood — a beautiful area of Chicago we’d never seen before.

From bridges and tunnels to skyscrapers and homes, we found ourselves enamored by the city’s charm and authenticity.

Minimal, stylish, and functional, Viktor’s car included the best features BMW had to offer, and it made driving around the city stress-free.

As we checked in and unpacked our bags at our Logan Square Airbnb, the realization of how we only explored a fragment of Chicago sank in, and we decided to call it a night a bit early.

The next day, we woke up to an illuminated room. The clouds had drifted away throughout the night, and the sun revealed an entirely different Chicago. We quickly made our way to the car and headed to Chicago’s greener areas.

We later met Viktor and spent the drive back to the airport reflecting on our trip. After we bid farewell and went our separate ways, we found ourselves walking into the airport feeling like our trip was too short. But great trips often feel short, don’t they?

Viktor’s BMW 3 Series 2011
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