Airways Magazine

Airways Magazine is a leading commercial aviation magazine with both a physical edition, which can be found in over 35 countries, as well as a digital edition.

Project: Airways Magazine
Type: Website / Custom system
Delivery of the final result: September 2016
Tools: Wordpress, Django 1.8

Airways Magazine approached us with the intention of requesting a total restructuring of their website. At first, the client was clear about what he wanted: to migrate Airways Magazine to Wordpress with a completely renewed design. But later in the project and Airways already familiar with how we work, we began to expand the project to include functionalities for its subscribers. After this, the client asked us for additional work: the creation of a measurement system for Subscribers to the magazine that would automatically send a reminder email before subscriptions to magazines, both digital and physical, expired.

First design (left) vs current design (right)

We started to develop the initial project of restructuring of the website in december 2015, with an estimated term of 6 months for the delivery of the final result, in june 2016. During the progress of the project we began to work with the client on new phases, to develop a completely customized system for the management of the subscriptions to both editions of the magazine, for which the project ended up being completed in september 2016.

The contact with the client was handled from the beginning through emails and although continuous communication was maintained, it did not fully adhere to the methodology that we currently handle and in which we invite the client to be part of the meetings of the team so they are informed firsthand. Any failure in the communication was resolved integrating the client intimately in the process, as suggested by the agile methodologies that we began to implement in the company, showing and testing functional advances.

During the project we implemented a new guideline in which whenever a user story was created, it should contain a more rigorous description of the requirement so that there was more clarity at the time of carrying out the work or to apply a change to said story.

The team consisted originally of 4 Senior and 2 junior developers, a project manager and, of course the client. Later, the original team received the support of additional developers when initiating the work in the subscriptions system.

Subscriptions system

The custom built subscriber system allows Airways to manage all subscriptions, including verifying the accounts of each one of the subscribed clients, their remaining time, generating reports and sales statistics, prepares lists and printing instructions for the physical edition and integrates with the Airways website before your subscription expires. In the case that there is little time for it’s expiration, the program sends an email to the person reminding them to renew their subscription, thus avoiding losing time and money reactivating it.

Such a complete system always requires a process of integration and monitoring tests, in which we predict its success in the estimated time. In September 2016 Enrique Perrella, Editor in Chief of Airways Magazine, gave a presentation at the 3rd Anniversary Event of Turpial, where he showed the advances of the magazine in the market and appreciated the dedication and work philosophy of Turpial. By the end of 2017, Airways Magazine continues succeeding supported by the subscription management system we developed and integrated into the website we installed, even after changes in its image that had the support of the Turpial team.

We invite you to visit Airways Magazine — and subscribe! , we also recommend their Twitter and Instagram.

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