Ticketplate: find Theater, Music, Health and even fundraising events

Ticketplate is a platform to find local promoted events and buy tickets, currently in Florida. You’ll find Theater, Music, Health and even fundraising events. You can search events by price, date or category. When a ticket is purchased it will be stored in the app and you’ll receive a copy to your email.

Project: ticketplate
URL: https://ticketplate.com
Type of project: Social Network: Mobile app, Back-end server / Website
Delivery: May 2018
Tools: AdminLTE, DjangoAdmin, Ionic

One of the most interesting jobs for a development company is to start a project from scratch. It’s challenging because it requires a total understanding between design, development, project management and client; and it’s interesting, because it allows us to create something completely new in a creative way. And that’s what we did when we worked on Ticketplate.


Ticketplate allows Admins to create a wide array of premises like theaters, cinemas, dance clubs, etc. Then it’s the job of the Organizer to create events and assign them with prices, maximum capacity according to site, schedules, photos, descriptions, etc. Then, as Client, you look for events that can be classified by city, interests or date, buy your tickets, and enjoy the show. Tickets are scannable QR codes that are verified on site, and Organizers can use a Ticketplace companion app to check them.

When we were first tasked with this project, it didn’t even have a name. We were told to “build a functional prototype of a ticket selling platform”, but in the end we gave the client a functioning viable product that’s live on the app store. Our team started by looking at user experiences to understand what’s good band ad missing from a user’s perspective, to give the project the twist that would made it shine apart from other products. By the time the team finished with research and started working on code, the client came to us with the final name and brand identity: Ticketplate.

Official Website

The User Experience (UX) designers proposed ideas to the client while the first steps of development focused on building elements of the platform that were known essentials. Detailed user interface (UI) designs came from the client’s side and both teams built a simple and amazing app that the client would end up loving.

The companion ticket validator, internally called “the bouncer”, serves to verify the tickets in the event sites. The bouncer, only accessible to event organizers, reads the QR code of the tickets, allowing the users to access the event while nullifying it for a second use. By the end of the process, both the client’s team and our design and developers worked together to build two apps with a satisfying user experience that’s pleasing it’s users.

Different views from the app, inclusing the QR “Bouncer”

Ticketplate became one of those projects that help you learn more while working on it. Building the bouncer app and the work we did together with the client in the UI aspect of Ticketplate made us improve the company /client relationship, which was solid from the beginning and allowed the project to progress constantly, until the delivery ofthe best possible product.

Download Ticketplate from the Google Play Store

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