Women that Inspire Us

At Turpial we’ve talked about how important it is to recognize the contribution of women in the fields of science and technology, so we created this list with some of the women who inspire members of the team in our personal and professional lives.

Ana Vanessa Urvina: Professor at the UCV and artist, she inspires us “Because she values and inspires knowledge, reading, methodology and artistic practices as tools to create solutions”. You can check out Urvina’s work in the following link: Ana Vanessa Urvina

María Teresa Arnal: Industrial engineer, specialized in marketing, advertising, digital media, telecommunications and entertainment. She is the General Director of Google Mexico and the first woman to hold that position. She inspires us “Because she is an example of admiration, professional growth and leadership as a woman in important positions in the technology market”. Follow her on Twitter to know more about her advocate work: María Teresa Arnal

Michelle Obama: Lawyer, Wife of the Former President of the United States Barack Obama, Sole and First Lady of color in her country. She inspires us “Because she is a tireless woman who fights for human rights and has an enviable versatility”. She’s constantly updating her twitter about her charity work and other important matters: Michelle Obama

Hedy Lamarr: In addition to being a reknown actress, she invented a communication system that was used in the basis of WiFi, Bluetooth and other technologies currently in use. She inspires us “Because it shows that there is versatility in a woman’s work”. Hedy Lamarr

Malala Yousafzai: Activist and Pakistani blogger who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 when she was 17 years old. She is the youngest person to win a Nobel Prize in history. She inspires us “Because her work in favor of civil rights, especially of women, has made her known by her columns where she talks about her life under Taliban occupation”. Here’s a link to her blog and fund: Malala.Org

Margaret Hamilton: She wrote with the small team that led the navigation code of the NASA Apollo missions. With rudimentary tools (the code was, at the time, on paper) she wrote a complex and long code that allowed man to reach the moon. She inspires us “Because she refused to give up and was not afraid to learn and create something new”. Margaret Hamilton

Iria Puyosa: Together with Raiza Urribarri, they were among the first researchers in the region to explore how the internet was being used and the impact it had on the venezuelan society since it’s beginnings. Here’s a link to her Twitter. Iria Puyosa

Raisa Urribarri: She’s a journalist, researcher and independent consultant in ICT & Internet issues. She has dedicat her time to work and understand internet issues in Latin America and the quality of her work is exceptional. Here’s a link to her twitter: Raisa Urribarri

Dorothy Johnson Vaughan: She was an African-American mathematician and a “human computer” who worked for the National Aeronautical Advisory Committee (NAAC) and NASA at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. In 1949, she became the acting supervisor of West Area Computers, the first African-American woman to supervise a group of staff at the center. She inspires us “Because the recognition of her work was so great that it destroyed social barriers of the time”. Dorothy Johnson

Jen Simmons: Developer Advocate for Mozilla, programmer and designer. She helps on multiple fronts to improve the web as an ecosystem, which benefits us all in the industry. She inspires us “Because she gives the vision of web programmers and designers within Mozilla and encourages the creation of tools to make debugging easier on the web”. To check her work, visit her website: JenSimmons.com

Grace Murray Hopper: Hooper brought down many stereotypes. Besides being a woman with the rank of admiral in the US military, she was the first programmer to use the Mark I, the first electromechanical computer between the 50s and the 60s. She inspires us “Because at the time she not only solved many problems and laid the foundations of computer science, but because she became one of the most relevant personalities in the world of computing.” Grace Murray Hopper

Rózsa Péter: She was one of the most relevant women in technology thanks to her contributions on computing during the fifties. She studied mathematics at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest and applied his knowledge to the elaboration of recursive functions that were later applied to computers. She inspires us “Because her work became a benchmark in the world of technology”. Rozsá Péter

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