TVP Newsletter — January 2020

Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year. We’re especially excited to kick off 2020 with the news that one of our newest portfolio companies in the healthcare space, Wheel , announced a $13.9 million Series A to power the next wave of digital health innovation.

While we backed Wheel under a different name (Enzyme Health) the team’s vision has always been the same: to help both healthcare companies and clinicians improve the experience and quality of virtual care.

At its core, Wheel is a marketplace to build, scale, and manage compliant virtual clinical workforces while matching the right clinician to the right patient:

  • For companies, from new or growing telehealth providers to established organizations now entering healthcare, Wheel provides a tech-enabled platform powered by a scalable, nationwide network of clinicians specializing in virtual care.
  • For clinicians who are passionate about providing quality patient care and want more freedom and balance in their careers, Wheel creates a simpler connection to more virtual opportunities with meticulously vetted companies, as well as specialized training in Webside Manner.

As more and more patients turn to virtual care and more companies race to build out new digital-first offerings to meet that demand, Wheel is making sure they’re doing so with the right infrastructure tools, access to a flexible workforce, and new ways of thinking about clinical workforce management.

Michelle Davey and Griffin Mulcahey founded Wheel in 2018 after working together at another healthcare startup because they saw the growing need for companies to have access to better basic infrastructure, so they scale safely and compliantly.

Wheel will play a key role in this new wave of digital health innovation, by letting new healthcare startups launch and focus on patients and products and empowering large healthcare organizations to rethink their digital health strategies with flexible staffing and specialized care. By centralizing compliance, training, recruiting, and patient matching, Wheel is also helping keep clinicians at the forefront of the future of digital health.

You can read more about Wheel in Business Insider’s exclusive story and Crunchbase.

TVP predicts two things to look out for in the world of technology, politics, and regulation

  • Regulation’s ripple effect. As we’re already seeing with Facebook, the market starts punishing big technology companies who lack a clear regulatory strategy. In Facebook’s case, Zuckerberg’s inexplicable refusal to ban political ads has earned him the enmity of both parties, leading to antitrust investigations (state and federal), privacy legislation (state and ultimately federal) and a ban on his ability to launch Libra. If the investigations into Google continue to intensify, that too could impact their share price. The share price of other major tech companies could follow suit. The days of saying “don’t be evil” and everyone chuckling and leaving you alone are long, long gone.
  • Sustainability, Climate Change, and the Environment. Lately, it feels almost impossible to have a conversation with a VC that doesn’t express an interest in “sustainability”. It’s exciting to see this unfold given we’ve been vocal about the acceleration we see among customers making decisions about what products they buy, food they eat, and where they decide to work based on whether or not they align with their core values. Our thesis is best reflected within our portfolio via investments into companies like Sunday. Interest in financing these types of projects has begun attracting traditional venture investors. Historically, many of these types of projects were funded solely by impact investors, mainly because traditional VCs perceived the market as being too small. In the world of VC, trends and verticals can fall in and out of favor quickly (remember the gig economy?). However, this trend is demonstrating a long-lasting potential to change the way that mainstream consumers think and behave. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for VC investors since the public markets lack access to many of the companies that are fueling this movement. We don’t believe this is a mere trend, we think this has the opportunity to become the new norm for consumer choice — we can’t think of a better time for a trend like this to come along.

Tuvalu’s big streaming business. We’re losing the right to move freely. Why do powerful men cope with failure by growing beards ? Becoming a China skeptic . Critiquing the DTC barons of crap . Don’t wait for banks to solve climate change. Byte feels like t oo little too late . Let’s talk about land use in America. Death by a trillion trees .




Tusk Venture Partners is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in technology startups operating in highly-regulated markets.

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