Newsletter - January 2017

Hello TutoTOONS friends!

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a magical holiday season. Just before Christmas we got some exciting news and gifts! KIDOZ surprised us with felted TutoTOONS owl, Christmas Animal Hair Salon was featured on Amazon Underground, and we were listed as one of the Top 100 startups in Europe.

Improved Dress Up

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to use the new Dress Up & Decorate game scene. Now you can change the layout of dress up categories and items (horizontal or vertical), scale, reposition and add item background.

Dress Up Cheat

Take an inside tip from our artists and make your dress up characters react to player’s actions. In the example you can see that Miss Judy is very happy with the blue hat and not so excited about the pink one. Open dress up item settings, change selection image, add visual effects and create your own live character!

New UI Elements

You’ve probably noticed some changes in the intro screen and game map. Instead of 6 app icons you can see only one (the latest game), and some standard game buttons were replaced by more visual icons to improve navigation for kids.

SWF Frame Labels

SWF frame labels let you play frame animations in various interaction states of the game object. These animations work the same as TutoTOONS animations provided in object settings. To activate this feature, you must label the frames in SWF timeline when creating it. Read More >>

Don’t forget to check the best creators of December and our latest events. If you want to share your story, creative tricks or have some questions, email us at, we’d be happy to hear from you. See you next month!

TOP 5 Game Creators of December

#1 Megan Sunnucks and Zoey’s Makeup Salon & Spa #2 Ian Steve and Angelina’s Beauty Salon #3 Daria Petrova and Doll House Cleanup #4 Eglė Celskytė and Pony Sisters Hair Salon 2 #5 Carmen Lambea and Puppy Dog Playhouse

Latest Events

BZN start Startup Awards 2016

TutoTOONS did not win at BZN start Startup Awards 2016 but we had a very nice evening!

View More Photos >>

Innovate a Better World for Children

Dedicated to creating a better world for kids, Reach for Change Lithuania invited us to join their 1st event.