Watch only if you want to waste your time

The premise of Flash as introduced in the Pilot:

  1. A White Teenager with Tortured but Good Soul acquires the ability to run faster than anything on earth.
  2. White Teen is in love with a Damsel In Distress.
  3. White Teen spends time being mentored by Hot White Man.
  4. Hot White Man revealed to be Evil.

The thing that irks me is that American Women are now officially the majority of the population (50.8%), yet, every Superhero TV show has to always feature a white man — who are only approx 38% of the American demographic. If you are going to throw money at a TV show, why not at least reflect who the real audience is?

Flat Characters

Everyone outside of our Tortured White Teen has as much promise of a depth of character as a piece of cardboard. Our Damsel in Distress predictably works in a Coffee Shop. Damsel in Distress gets saved by Flash and is asked by Damsel’s Dad to never tell her the truth about himself so as to keep her ‘safe’ (We all know how that is going to end Bro, we have seen enough Superhero movies!). White Teen’s mentor is Tom Cavanagh who by his very hotness we know is up to no good because — again — we have watched enough super hero movies and TV shows.

But I guess the Producers had to deal with the Diversity question so they made the Father figure of Tortured White Teen, Black (Interesting how it is the same for Batman?). There is also an ambiguously hispanic sidekick for the Hot White Evil Man, not to mention, a Smart Rude Woman who is a second potential love interest for Tortured White Teen.

To be clear, Tortured White Teen is actually not a teenager but looks like one. He works for the Police! Given all that we are discovering daily about the Police, was it really good to stick to the original storyline? Even if so, perhaps worth showing something darker?

I can hear you say, but how can you read so much from just a Pilot? But I can! There are Pilots that hold promise, then there are Pilots that are trainwrecks. We know what this is.

Same old, same old

My beef with Flash is there is nothing new. Why do you want to watch Flash when you have watched Smallville, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, & all their sequels? What does it bring to the table? Yeah, the answer is nothing.

At the very least Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has lots of interesting characters and ties in tightly with the Avengers movie series. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D doesn’t deal with diversity as an after thought and is interesting because of it.

Then what is left to appreciate about Flash? Well, at least the quality of production is top notch. Scenes are tightly edited and the story keeps a fast pace. Actors are adequate in their acting skills except Tom Cavanagh who stands out in his character as Harrison Wells.

There is no reason to watch Flash. Just stick to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D or Smallville reruns.

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