The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion Female Pre-Season Power Rankings

Dylan Deckard
TV Talk
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7 min readOct 29, 2023


The Challenge season 39 just debuted last week and I usually will write a pre-season power rankings before the first episode but I have been so busy with my podcast and school that I haven’t gotten a chance to do it yet. Here is my female pre-season power rankings for The Challenge: Battle for a New Champion!

12. Jessica Brody


Original Show - The Bachelor Australia 7

Best Finish: 9th

  • The Challenge: Australia

Jessica was already the first person eliminated. If I wrote this before the first elimination I probably would have had her pretty low as well. She is just an interesting choice from The Challenge: Australia. I would have casted Emily Seebohm if she wasn’t pregnant and Cyrell before her.

11. Jujuy Jimenez


Original Show - Dancing with the Stars Argentina 2018

Best Finish: 12th

  • The Challenge: Argentina