The Challenge: USA 2 Male Pre-Season Power Rankings

Dylan Deckard
TV Talk
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7 min readAug 7, 2023


The Challenge: USA 2 Cast

The Challenge: USA is finally back on CBS and I am so excited! We get to see new CBS talent like Tyler Crispen, Cassidy Clark, and Chris Underwood battle with MTV talent like Tori Deal, Johnny Bananas, and Wes Bergmann. This is the female pre-season power rankings for The Challenge: USA 2.

12. Luis Colon


Original Show - The Amazing Race 34


It will definitely be interesting to see some more Amazing Racers on The Challenge. Luis is the only player this season who I didn’t watch their original show. I heard Luis likes to get involved in messy drama though so that is why I have him at the end.

11. Dusty Harris


Original Show - The Amazing Race 33


Dusty got 3rd place on The Amazing Race 33. Him and his partner Ryan Ferguson played a very physical game but if there…