My experience using social media on Brooklyn College’s campus

The Social Media Scavenger Hunt we participated in for our TVRA4040 class was quite interesting. For the most part, the people we interviewed were friendly and were willing to answer our questions. But there were also staff, students and faculty members who gave us more of a hard time by not wanting to be on camera. None the less, I had friends on campus who saw me and actually approached my partner and I, and they were open to answering one of our questions. They were also more than willing to be on camera, which made the assignment a success over all. The students were all friendly and took a moment out of their time to speak with us.

The first Brooklyn College Student we interviewed was Coday Sayso. We asked him if he had any advice for students here on campus. He is very compassionate about making sure students pass. This made me feel good about how motivated other students are and dedicated to successfully finishing school. Sayso even uses his own social media platforms to promote how important passing your classes with good grades are. Sayso shared with us that he has his own YouTube channel where you can watch his videos by typing in his name “Coday Sayso”.

My partner and I were able to do a live Q&A with Hassan Ford. In it, he tells us how he feels about NYC. This was the funnest interview I have done thus far. It wasn’t your typical interview. We asked him questions while walking down the streets of Flatbush and engaged with our surroundings, as well. I learned that this was a good tactic to use for an interview so that your viewers won’t get bored easily. I believe many New Yorkers feel the same way about the city as Hassan does, including myself. I learned that I’m good at keeping the questions coming instead of getting stuck at that awkward moment not knowing what to say next. I’m also glad that Hassan was very engaging and had many great points to share and he let his personality take over. My partner did the same as well and all together we rocked this interview on Facebook Live.

We asked a couple of Brooklyn College students how they get their news and it wasn’t surprising at all. They Both use Facebook to obtain their news. Neither one of them use newspapers or watch TV to obtain their news. I know that many students don’t like to watch the news and most people don’t read newspapers. I usually go to sites like Huffington Post and The Guardian through Facebook. However, I watch the news every other morning because I major in Journalism so it’s pretty much a requirement for myself. The evolution of media has progressed in such a major way that we can now get our news from tons of different sources while using many different types of devices.

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