Starting Off with a Social Media Challenge

As a millennial, I was thrilled to enroll into a course named Mobile and Social Media. I am one of those who has about five social media accounts and use almost all of them regularly. I enrolled in the course because I wanted to know the ins and outs of using social media as a news platform and also as a platform to create my own brand. But I never thought that on the first day of the course, I was going to be sent out on the field and actually create content for my social media platforms — don’t get me wrong, I was all for it but it definitely caught me by surprise.

We were challenged to participate in a scavenger hunt. With a list of prompts, my partner, Kamilah Kashanie, and I went off to execute our journalistic skills. Even though I was excited to be in a little competition, I was extremely nervous to go out and speak to total strangers about random topics. I have participated in similar assignments before, but some how every time I am in the position to do so, I get nervous. I think it is the fact that I might encounter rejection while I’m on the field. I fear that people will not care and overall not give me any attention.

This scavenger hunt gave me the opportunity to shy away from my shyness. I realized that most people are willing to talk to you. The only thing is that one as a journalist needs to know how and when to approach people. As Kamilah and I walked around campus, we targeted specific people and before we spoke to them, we had an idea as to what question we were going to ask them.

One of my favorite encounters that day was with a fruit stand owner right outside of the Brooklyn College campus. The prompt was to find someone doing something interesting on or off campus. The fruit stand owner, Yousef, seemed interesting to us because he seemed so genuine and involved with his customers. And just as we thought, he was. Kamilah and I spent about 15 minutes speaking to Yousef about his job and his journey to America. Not only was what he was doing at the moment interesting but also, the story he gave us was interesting — he even invited us back so we can hear the full thing and insisted we wrote about it. Besides meeting someone new and hearing his story, I also learned that going out on the field can allow you to open up to new things. Meeting and talking with Yousef made me realize that you can find a story in the least expected place you ever imagined.

This scavenger hunt definitely was a good way to start a Mobile and Social Media course and an excellent way to allow us journalists to get out on the field and create some content for our social media platforms.