When Confidence is Key

“The One with the Scavenger Hunt…”

“Let’s talk about Heaven,” IG photo by @silviathewriter

“Confidence is key,” is exactly what my mother always told me while I was growing up. At the time, I never realized how true it was or gave her the credit she deserved for reminding me that constantly until I get assignments like the one we got on our first day of class.

A scavenger hunt can be challenging but even more when the game requires you to talk to strangers. while growing up, my mother also told me to keep away from them as a way to keep me safe but now as a grown up, I’ve realized that in this case she was wrong. Doing the exact opposite is not only challenging but also a fun experience. While conducting my scavenger hunt, I met different people and got to know others’ perspectives besides my own. I was also able to meet and interview more of the faculty members and students from Brooklyn College.

Faculty, Tim Slakas, and Student, Devon Narris, complete #2 and #3 on the list. IG photo by @silviathewriter

The scavenger hunt allowed me come out of my comfort zone and talking to all these people on the street, boosted my confidence and excitement for what’s ahead of me in the near future. This is something I’ve realized can help me grow as a person.

#11 on the list- Conduct a FB Live Video

I think I feel like it opened up the class in a fun way allowing us to self-discover our abilities and skills. Personally, it showed me that while the career I wish to pursue in journalism is challenging, it is also one that will allow me to meet a lot of people and self relate to some of their stories. The exercise also helped me overcome my fear of talking to random people and I realized that though I was scared and shy to approach them at first, I was able to break through and found my confidence while in the process too.

#4 on the list. IG photo by @silviathewriter

Today’s class was also fun and I can’t wait until we move further in the semester. It was a reminder of how fun journalism is.

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