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CoinStats & TV-TWO: The Partnership for everything Crypto

TV-TWO partners with leading Crypto Tracker CoinStats

We are happy to announce our newest partner: CoinStats. This partnership offers everything crypto.
On TV-TWO, users watch Crypto YouTube to educate themselves about the ins & outs of the industry and learn about the most current market trends.
On CoinStats, users check prices of more than 3000 cryptos with 100 exchanges available. In conclusion, todays crypto fans only need TV-TWO and CoinStats to stay up to date in the market.

Next to an auto sync option for your exchanges and wallet, the personalized crypto feed and direct crypto support are the most persuading offerings on CoinStats. In addition, they have an export function for your portfolio, which may come in handy for your next tax report. If you are into the competition with your friends, you may compare your crypto portfolio with friends and track your gains over time. You can share one or more of your portfolios and it will appear in their CoinStats app.

We are eager to see the potential of the upcoming partnership unfold. Stay tuned for more and make sure to watch YouTube and earn crypto on TV-TWO and track it on CoinStats!

Find the app here:

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