Feedback from our Business Partner

20th Century Fox of Germany

Jun 29, 2018 · 1 min read
»TV-TWO is working excellent right from the start!«
Markus Schneider, CFO Germany, 20th Century Fox

Last week, TV-TWO was invited to the German HQ of 20th Century Fox. After speaking with their Financial Director Markus Schneider, we wanted to share the client feedback with you.

20th Century Fox praised the results of the joint Deadpool 2 campaign on TV-TWO as tremendous. They emphasized the importance of reaching just the right audience through TV advertising with the help of granular targeting. This is only possible with TV-TWO. Be sure to watch the client statement in the video above. Both parties are excited to include more content such as movie clips and behind-the-scenes videos on TV-TWO. This collaboration is only getting started.

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