Praised App Security and a Consolidated Marketplace



While TV-TWO gets prominent recognition for its success in keeping bot traffic from the app, the TTV finds a consolidated marketplace.

Security & Publicity

TV-TWO has been featured in the popular magazine VICE as a role model in the fight against phone farming. Phone farming refers to the practice of malicious users deploying multiple phones to illegitimately increase their earnings in rewards apps.

If users are not willing to give their attention in exchange for the TV-TWO reward, they should not use TV-TWO.

With our over 100k users, TV-TWO is not only one of the largest dApps worldwide, but also one of the market-leading reward apps. The combination of our sophisticated internal screening engine combined with our rigorous manual reviews has kept bot traffic from the app and ensured that real users get their well-deserved payouts.

To go one step further in ensuring that advertisers are paying for legitimate user actions only, we are a partner of the mobile app measurement and attribution provider AppsFlyer. You can find TV-TWO in the partner section: AppsFlyer checks billions of devices worldwide against dozens of fraud types to identify illegitimate traffic. Through the partnership with AppsFlyer, we can be confident that advertisers are not impacted by any malicious party trying to harm the integrity of the TV-TWO ecosystem.

As mentioned by VICE, TV-TWO is consequently able to offer an app environment free of bot traffic for advertising clients.

Consolidated Marketplace

As of August 13, the TTV found a consolidated marketplace for boosted trading efficiency between token holders and advertisers in the TV-TWO ecosystem. To guarantee this step, the TV-TWO team decided to leave the exchange in good standing. TTV holders on the exchange are asked to withdraw the TTV from the exchange within thirty days of August 13, 2019. Subsequently, the consolidated trading of the TTV is happening on the IDEX exchange. Having one target exchange for the token purchase eases the buying process for our advertising partners.

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