Community Update #4

TV-TWO on the Apple App Store and Crypto Businesses as Advertising Partners

TV-TWO on the Apple App Store

The TV-TWO app is now officially available on the Apple App Store:

We are glad that we can bring the TV-TWO mobile experience to even more users. Now both Android and iOS users can find the TV-TWO app in their respective stores and every user can start linking their smartphone to their TV. However, there is a caveat: While we can show users their cross-device watch statistics, withdrawing tokens is currently not implemented in the App Store version. We were forced to take this step, to comply with Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines on rewarding users in cryptocurrencies. Once we find a way to ship the withdrawal feature in the App Store version, we will let the community know.

To use TV-TWO on iOS with all its features, you are welcome to download or stick with our TestFlight version: It is possible to switch back and forth between the App Store version and the Test Flight version. You have the same account with an identical video history in both versions.

Crypto Businesses as Advertising Partners

In addition, we are using our network to win STOs and crypto apps as advertisers for the TV-TWO ecosystem in order to boost token demand. We see a great win-win potential:

  • Crypto advertisers receive direct access to their core audience on TV-TWO, as every single user of our platform is using crypto
  • Users are kept up-to-date on product innovations and new exciting offerings on the market
  • TV-TWO lands valuable partners that like to work with crypto payments

Thus, the overall crypto economy and the TTV token can grow together.

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