Giving Television A Future

Here at TV-TWO, it might seem like we’re playing by our own rules; but we’re not. We’re working with available technology and applying it to an already profitable business model.

In short, we’re adapting things — to give television greater relevance and better long term profitability.

Here are a few ways we’re doing that:

Promoting Personalisation

As the TV-TWO Smart TV app acts as an overlay to traditional cable and satellite TV content, we’re able to create cross-channel usage profiles. This insight enables us to offer an alternative content browser; one that learns about each user’s preferences and serves them relevant content that’s tailored to their interests, all sourced from the TV-TWO community.

Better, More Cost Effective Targeting

We operate without licenses, subscriptions, or paywalls. The only people who pay for access to TV-TWO are advertisers; who get better quality data. But digital ad expenditure has surpassed TV ad spend, so there’s no money to be made in television advertising, right?

Not by a long shot. Massive amounts of money are still changing hands where TV ad revenue’s concerned. It’s a $180 billion industry that’s not slowing down in the slightest. Take these figures from last year: while Facebook was able to generate an average revenue of $26 per user in the US in 2017, TV networks made $260 per viewer in the same timeframe. It’s a cash-cow alright.

Decentralising Ad Spend

What we’re doing is redirecting those funds so that the value is shared by advertisers, viewers, and content creators. We’re decentralising it; which means cutting out the middlemen — the TV networks — and ensuring a more competitive and ultimately rewarding ecosystem: which will help television adapt to the challenges ahead in the long run.

Essentially, we’re helping to future proof TV. And by giving everyone more insight and greater value, we’re confident that we’ll succeed in saving it.

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