Guarda meets TV-TWO

TV-TWO partners with wallet provider Guarda for safe app payouts

Today, we are happy to announce a major crypto partnership. 
TV-TWO is proud to welcome Guarda to the family!

On TV-TWO, over 100.000 users earn crypto watching YouTube. Given this unprecedented offering, TV-TWO attracts all kinds of crypto fans. Many users are relatively new to crypto and seek counsel. When requesting their first payout, they often ask for a preferred wallet provider. Finally, we can confidently advice our community to choose Guarda.

Guarda is an EU-licensed full-stop solution for your coins. With Guarda, you may receive, send, buy, exchange, stake and do whatever you want with all your crypto in one secure, non-custodial, multiplatform wallet. While the web wallet is already quite popular amongst the crypto community, the mobile version holds great upside potential. The partnership between TV-TWO & Guarda aims to exhaust this opportunity.

Known from its fixed advertising spots on CoinMarketCap, Guarda’s proposition is a perfectly balanced blend of speed, comfort and performance. The experienced team is united in the love for blockchain and the goal to offer the most technologically advanced products currently on the market. The Guarda Mobile Wallet, called Moxi, is a lightweight application aimed at eliminating the need of multiple cryptocurrency-related apps. A variety of crypto coins and token can be stored in the application — amongst others TV-TWO’s own TTV.

Besides, the users can exchange major currencies within the wallet and make fast crypto transactions. The wallet and the transaction history can be accessed on the Web and Desktop versions as well, allowing restoring the wallet, checking the transactions or managing coins from any reachable device. All Guarda wallets are non-custodial and do not store the user’s personal information. In case there is a need for backup, the data is synchronized on multiple devices.

We are eager to see the potential of the upcoming partnership unfold. Stay tuned for more and make sure to watch YouTube and earn crypto on TV-TWO, and store it on Guarda!

Be sure to tell your friends and family about TV-TWO. Let’s earn crypto watching the content you love!

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