The Future Is Now: The TV Innovation Landscape

Since the first grainy images emanated from a cathode ray tube, television has been constantly innovating. And it will continue to do so — as long as TV-TWO is involved! But we’re not the only ones pioneering the Future of Television.

Let’s take a look at who else is upping the stakes…

Choice: On-Demand, Untethering, the Internet, and All That

Let’s just get this out of the way first. Yup, we’re all too aware of the number of people opting to ‘untether’ from conventional TV and choosing ‘on-demand’ instead. But YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and co. aside; the real genius of internet-based TV access in its various forms is choice — the ability to choose what we want to watch, when we want to watch it, wherever we want to watch it.

Although it’s been around for a few years, Slingbox is still a strong contender in terms of access to greater choice. Like your Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, or Chromecast device it connects your TV to online channels. But its real selling point is the ability to stream TV from your chosen location, to any device, anywhere in the world.

Accessibility: Transforming The TV Set

OLED, QLED, Plasma, HD, 4K. And let’s not forget good old fashioned 3D (which actually made its debut way back in 1928!).

From our perspective, Smart TVs have the edge right now. But how about ‘rollable’ TV sets? Yup. They’re coming next. All the big names are working on them.

So imagine a 65 inch screen that sits happily on your wall — until it’s time to head out. Then simply roll up your lightweight multimedia access point (which, let’s face it, TVs have truly become) and bring it along to… well, wherever you’re going that doesn’t have a TV (!).

Also, VR headset makers have designs on bringing TV even closer to our ever-squarer eyes. As you’d expect, Oculus is on it.

Keep Rollin’: Portable TV has a whole new look

Value: Reinventing The TV Ad

Advertising is still essentially ‘disruption’. So while we’re working on our own way to create value for viewers, creators, and advertisers at TV-TWO, brands are continually looking for new methods of user engagement.

While most brands appreciate the need for brevity, and are toying with all kinds of formats — six second ads, anyone? — others are focusing on sponsoring (creating) TV shows in their own right.

There’s a delicate balance at work here, but essentially brands want better ROI from ads, which means better audience targeting. However, as we’re all too aware bringing the effectiveness of online advertising to the broadcast medium isn’t without its challenges!

Just a sec! Miller’s One Second Superbowl Ads

Experience: Interactive Viewing

Handing control to the audience is something that is inevitable in so many different ways. And content control is no exception. Netflix is already pioneering ‘choose what happens’ style content for both kids and adults; but interaction in its purest form is more akin to gaming than conventional TV.

That said, the lines are beginning to blur. More people are begin to watch others playing games as a form of entertainment: such as big online esport events. Interaction can be passive too. One service pioneering this is Ward: an app that allows game viewers to earn rewards for correctly predicting in-game outcomes — such as who will draw first blood in League of Legends.

Passive Interaction: Ward offers, er, rewards to those that predict the outcome of online games

Overall, television — or perhaps, more accurately, ‘screen-based entertainment’ — is still a young medium. We’re currently at an exciting moment in its evolution, in which so many ideas and innovations can be quickly realised.

For our part, here at TV-TWO we’re using the blockchain to address the issue of transparency in advertising, and solving a need for greater user personalisation by applying our learning algorithm. By doing both effectively we can offer more fairness and a better experience for all.

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