TV-TWO Community Update #2

Mainnet Launch & Mobile Apps

Today, it is time for our next community update. We are proud to present our Mainnet launch and happy to introduce not one, but two (!) mobile apps.

Current Successes

Starting today, users are able to collect TTV Mainnet tokens, while watching TV-TWO on their Samsung and LG Smart TVs. With this, you can now earn crypto watching TV. Start the TV-TWO app, lean back and collect tokens whenever the TV-TWO mascot appears in the upper right corner. To celebrate the Mainnet launch, the TV-TWO app on Samsung is now available in more countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland among others.

To collect, store and withdraw your TTVs, you can download the TV-TWO app for Android:

On iOS, we ship an identical version. While we are waiting for Apple to add the app to the App Store, anybody with an iPhone can download TV-TWO using Apple’s TestFlight:

If you had TV-TWO installed on your Smart TV before, please uninstall the Testnet version on LG or Samsung and reinstall the app to see your personal QR code for the Mainnet version. Scan the code using the Link with TV feature in the TV-TWO app on your phone. You find the feature in the mobile app after swiping to the right and scrolling down on the Balance page. Subsequently, your collected TTVs will automatically flow into your mobile app. The display unit in the mobile app is mTTV.

You do not have a Smart TV? No problem! With the TV-TWO app, you can also earn TTV while watching your favorite YouTube creators on your phone. To withdraw TTVs, collect a minimum of 50 TTV / 50,000 mTTV and click Withdraw in your TV-TWO mobile app. TTVs are sent out to private wallets in batches every 24 hours. Alternatively, you can use the Support feature to gift your tokens to any content creator you choose.

To further expand the TV-TWO ecosystem and explore new use cases, we can present you the mobile app Chally. With Chally, communities around well-known creators come together to collect tokens as a team. The tokens are used to challenge creators on what to do in their next video. When accepting a challenge, creators mention the initiator and the top challenge contributors in their video. After successfully uploading the challenged video, the creators receive the token equivalent, financed by advertising partners in the TV-TWO ecosystem.

Current Challenges

As with every major launch, the first days and weeks will be used to fix minor bugs and continuously learn from the user feedback and data received. If you have any feedback, please send us an email to

Be sure to tell your friends and family about TV-TWO. Let’s earn crypto watching TV!

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