TV-TWO Community Update #3

Here comes our third community update. This time, we are sharing first insights on the TV-TWO mobile app and present our view on the current bear market.

Current Successes

With our app being live for roughly three weeks, we are very happy with the insights and feedback that we were able to generate. Again, thank you for all your emails full of great ideas and suggestions for upcoming releases. The first updates have already been shipped and we would like to share some usage metrics with the community.

User Reviews:

The vast majority of reviews that TV-TWO has received on the Google Play Store are positive. Occasionally, users have questions on the withdrawal process and on how to add TTV to their MyEtherWallet. We are currently producing explainer videos in order to let new users of TV-TWO know how to manage their tokens after the withdrawal. This should eliminate the most important cause for sub-par reviews.

Crash-free Users:

We are very happy with the stability of our app. TV-TWO runs completely crash free for over 99% of our users on both iOS and Android.

Daily User Engagement:

For the last week, an average user spend roughly 40 minutes on TV-TWO, every day!

Given these metrics, you can tell we are on the right track. For the next weeks, we will further improve the user experience of our app and test additional features, before ramping up the user acquisition.

Current Challenges

Of course, we are not happy about the current ETH price and the declining interest of the general public in cryptocurrencies. In the current environment, user acquisition costs are increasing, while budgets become smaller. However, we would like to draw your attention to the positive side of things. In the coming months, our industry will witness a great purging. In other words, exchange listings and marketing efforts will be affordable again, interest will return and, most importantly, teams will have had the time to develop products that move our industry forward. Sooner or later, the current Blow off Phase will end for a period of Recovery to set in. Therefore, we make the most of the current situation by focusing on our roadmap and building the best entertainment product on the blockchain that the world has seen. Bear in mind that ICOs which overcome the crypto winter have a great chance for prosperity in the future. We are extremely happy to have a loyal community of HODLers and app users to build our product on. As with all of you, we are looking forward to the next bull run, to scale TV-TWO even faster.

Be sure to tell your friends and family about TV-TWO. Let’s earn crypto watching TV!

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