TV-TWO Listing Schedule

This week is going to be exciting: On August 24, 10:00 AM UTC, the TV-TWO token will be unlocked and tradable. Advertisers and supporters of the TV-TWO platform will be able to purchase tokens from crowdsale participants. We will add TTV to the confirmed exchanges in two batches.

First Batch: IDEX + Coinrail (both August 24)
Second Batch: Bancor + (following September 11)

Before the unlock, we will publish usage statistics recorded in our popular Samsung and LG apps as well as information on upcoming content partnerships.

The First Batch

Right at the time of unlock on August 24, 10:00 AM UTC, you will be able to trade TTV on IDEX and Coinrail.


IDEX offers real-time trading and high transaction throughput. The offered pair is TTV/ETH. We recommend this exchange to all our supporters in Europe.


Coinrail is a popular Korean exchange that will provide TV-TWO with great exposure and liquidity. The offered pair is TTV/BTC. We recommend this exchange to all our supporters outside of Europe, since account verification requires an international phone number.

The Second Batch

Over the coming weeks, we will add and Bancor as additional exchanges that will bring demand to the TV-TWO token.

We will onboard with the exchange of our long-term partner until September 11. After launching their exchange, has displayed a highly promising development in providing an investor-first market place. They will list TTV as one of their very first pairs.


By integrating the Bancor Protocol, the TV-TWO platform will gain another important partner to achieve the continuous liquidity needed to run their operations. The Token for Television (TTV) will be automatically convertible to any other integrated token such as ETH, BNT (the Bancor Network Token), GNO (Gnosis), BNB (Binance) and many more. The exact listing date will be announced in the coming weeks.

About TV-TWO

TV-TWO is the Blockchain-based Future of Television. TV-TWO eliminates the gatekeeper status of TV networks and prevents tech giants like Google and Facebook from owning the medium in the future. The Open Platform surrounding the utility token enables direct interaction between users, advertisers, and content providers. As TV still is the biggest advertising market ($180bn volume) and the world’s favorite pastime, TV-TWO has an immediate use case for 700M Smart TVs waiting for innovation.

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