TV-TWO Roadtrip Part 2: Tokyo & Seoul

Like television itself, the mission to reinvent and reinvigorate TV is a 24/7 affair. But sometimes, to get ahead, you need to be out there meeting people in person. And that’s exactly what the TV-TWO team has been doing.

Following a successful visit to Shanghai and Hong Kong, Jan and Philipp made a short hop across the East China Sea to other two prominent Asian powerhouses: Japan and South Korea.

Shibuya shenanigans — Will the real Captain TV-TWO please stand up?

These incredibly forward-thinking nations are globally regarded as crypto’s ‘ground zero’. And for very good reason: nowhere else in the world have we seen such widespread awareness of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc — or ICOs (despite the Korean government’s often problematic stance on them).

Equally, as two of the world’s most digitally-connected and tech savvy countries, awareness of ‘the blockchain’ as a technology is high; so we were delighted to have our project so well-received everywhere Jan and Philipp went.

Honshu High Life

Their first stop was Tokyo, where they’d already made an impression with local media outlet, the — who were keen enough to cover TV-TWO on their site. This put the guys in a great position for the local meetup they’d organized.

A great crowd came. But we were down to just XXL-sized t-shirts…

Turnout was great — 35 people came to the event, held in the Kanda area. And we were stoked to have Japanese crypto influencers Arata-san and Edindin-san turn up! They’re well known in Japan and were welcome additions to our private event.

Seoul Survivors

South Korea may have banned ICOs from taking place on its shores (well, actually they’ve been merely ‘restricted’ at the current time of writing), but you wouldn’t think it given the amount of crypto hype in and around Seoul.

Jan and Philipp were there for the D10e conference, where they got a great response to their stand from those attending this well-regarded crypto and decentralization event. While in town, they also had a chance to meet with the key producers from A9 Media in Seoul: the production company behind such hit shows as Korea’s Got Talent, Project Runway Korea, and Korea’s Next Top Model. And they’re very excited about airing their next show on TV-TWO!

Rising Stars: A ‘Korea’ move for Jan and Philipp?

Needless to say, after a whistle stop tour of the Far East, Jan and Philipp were looking forward to a nice 12 hour sleep — which they finally had the chance to do… en route to London for the Crypto Investor Show.

But more on that in the next dispatch. Coming soon!

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