TV-TWO: iOS + Android + Sony + Sharp + Hisense + Philips

At-Home and On-the-Go


We have just passed the final legal review regarding the release of our update on Samsung and LG. The new version will be available for download shortly. At the same time, we are making crucial progress with further Smart TV platforms. By developing an Android TV based TV-TWO application, we are tackling the app stores of Sony, Sharp, Hisense and Philips all at the same time.

Simultaneously, we will launch our mobile app for iOS and Android. You can see screenshots of our current beta version above. This enables an important cross-device link and offers secure storage for earned tokens.


After completing the first months on our partner exchanges IDEX, Coinrail and, we have submitted our currency to CoinMarketCap. We are looking forward to be listed in order to receive valuable exposure. Likewise, we have worked out offers for new exchange listings. We will discuss our options in more detail after the successful token integration and on-boarding of the first advertisers. We are always looking for the best options in order to grow the TV-TWO ecosystem and strengthen the demand for the TV-TWO token.

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