We Went To WEF!

It’s not every day (or indeed every year) that you get to go to the World Economic Forum in Davos… but that’s exactly what our founders, Jan and Philipp did. They were there as part of a blockchain delegation. And it couldn’t have been more interesting, inspiring, and useful.

So imagine a tiny, picturesque village on the heart of the Swiss Alps, gets taken over by entire nations, tech, finance, and companies for about a week. Yup, that’s Davos during WEF week!

The press makes out that the whole event is just world leaders and CEOs waxing lyrical about international debt and quantitative easing etc. But so much more goes on behind the scenes — and it seemed blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and ICOs were the hot topics of the entire conference.

There was a Crypto HQ right on the promenade, which as you’d expect proved to be a great place for networking. While Philipp and Jan didn’t meet King Abdullah II of Jordan, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron, or Donald Trump, they did get some excellent advice and input from some industry heavyweights — including several members of blockchain specialists, ConsenSys’ senior team — such as founding managing partner, Kavita Gupta; and Chris McKibbin, who looks after ops and venture production.

Another key person they met was Ron Resnik, executive director at Ethereum Enterprise Alliance, who was keen to discuss how we can bring advertising standards to the blockchain.

There were stacks of events going on, but one of the best Jan and Philipp got to attend was the OneWorld Blockchain meetup where we Jan sat on a panel concerning the future of ICOs; alongside blockchain evangelists, investors and regulators.

Philipp also took the stage — at Mark Turrell’s event to discuss decentralising TV and to present TV-TWO’s vision.

Overall their time at Davos was extremely useful. They learned a lot and met some very experienced people who were keen to pass on advice and lend their support.

We want to extend a big thanks to Mark Mueller-Eberstein for getting Jan and Philipp on the blockchain delegation, and to our advisor David Ben Kay for making this happen!

The whole experience made us as a team feel more positive that we’re on the right path, and that we’re doing everything possible to make TV-TWO as successful as possible.

For more info, check out Jan and Philipp’s Davos recap video.

And if you’re interested in understanding what we’re doing at TV-TWO take a look at our whitepaper.

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