Why Non-Profits are Being Left Behind

Today’s organizations need to be creative and modern in their efforts, and that’s why the smarter ones are making their websites and online marketing a priority.

The nonprofit landscape has changed allot in the past few years. Organizations can no longer rely solely on calls, emails, and event marketing to raise money and attract new donors. These days, people are already making most of their donations online, and even if they are planning on going to a fundraising event, the tickets are usually sold online.

Internet fundraising grew by roughly 13 percent last year, according to a survey of 100 of the largest nonprofits.

Having an online presence these days is key to having a presence in the lives of others. Sadly, non-profits that don’t adapt to this reality will get left behind and not only not benefit from all the Internet has to offer, but it will also damage them.

Today’s organizations need to be creative and modern in their efforts, and that’s why the smarter ones are making their websites and online marketing a priority.

Online marketing is less costly and less time-consuming than traditional campaigns, but more importantly, the correct use of the Internet, can take your non-profit from good to great. If you correctly take advantage of the web you can: broaden your reach, engage new and existing donors, expand your database of potential donors, build a relationship with potential advocates and volunteers, and build a case for on-going, monthly donations.

Now, some of you might be thinking something like “oh, that’s not a problem for us, we have a website with information about us…” Well, I’m here to tell you: that is not enough.

So here are some tips for those of you who want to start building your organization’s online presence:

  • Start with an engaging website. Make sure you are giving the people who visit your site a reason to enter their email address to receive further updates from you. For example, you could offer them an event invite or a piece of content in exchange for signing up for updates. Make sure your website makes it as easy as possible to make donations and consider allowing people to make automatic recurring donations. Take advantage of your site to clearly explain what it is you do and why you do it, thereby helping raise awareness for your cause. You can learn more about how you should build your website, in my previous post “more than just a pretty face”.
  • Create entertaining and informative content. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, case studies or updates for donors, content is by far, the best way to encourage people to visit your website. Make posts consistently and create your content based on what your donors will enjoy.
  • Make sure your website is optimized for mobile. With more and more people going mobile, your organization needs to be able to reach them. A site that’s easily viewed on mobile devices is a great start.
  • Get active on social media. Build up an engaging account that will drive traffic back to your website and further broaden your reach.

If you’ve done all this, than your off to a great start. If not, get to work!

In one of my next posts, I will talk about how some non-profits are actually utilizing the internet as a tool for helping and promoting their cause in new ways and providing new online-focused services. Stay tuned.
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