Cheryl Lynn

Cheryl Lynn is a great soul singer known best for her hit single, “Got To Be Real”. I have received kind tweets from her on Twitter. I learned some things about Cheryl that I did not know tweeting with her. One of the things that I learned was that she is still singing. Cheryl is still loved by many fans. It makes the music industry out of a lie saying that people want the mumbo jumbo that we hear today. The music of today has changed, but fans never stopped listening to soul singers of the 70's like Cheryl. I find that even some of the new generation likes her music. Soul singers like Cheryl Lynn are still being played on the radio. On the oldies stations, her hit single, “Got To Be Real” is one of the main oldies played a lot. You never get tired of hearing oldies like that. I am pleased to follow Cheryl Lynn on Twitter.