Once upon a time, in a digital land far away, publishing momentary video snippets from your daily life was done via Snapchat.

Instagram decided to create a carbon copy feature, for all to use, challenging the Snapchat following. What medium will you be using to exhibit your antics now that Instagram Stories has arrived?

Two weeks ago Instagram was hot on the lips of every marketer, after it snatched Snapchat’s storytelling concept. By unveiling it’s feature ‘Stories,’ Instagram now offers users the ability to share moments through photo and video, which is displayed at the top of the feed.

The question mark against the use and purpose of both apps was raised. It seems most are users unaffected by the battle and wish to continue exercising both. Don’t forget that the Snapchat audience (that’s 150 million people) have taken time to build up their own following and aren’t likely to sacrifice months of hard work as a result of Instagram’s developments.

The latest factor added to this social equation is Instagram further adopting aspects of snapchat under a new “event channel.” This will sit on the app’s explore section, where they intend to feature key calendar events from around the globe, just like Snapchat.

We’re curious about Instagram’s story potential. People ultimately use it to share beautiful aspirational imagery and we’re wondering if the stories will be as attractive and diligently planned as posting an image. Snapchat users tend to create more content than the Instagram tribe, so this really is testing the vanity of the ever so cool Instagram audience.

Questions subliminally running through the ‘Instagrammers’ mind, range from, ‘is my Insta story making my filtered static image look unrealistic?’ and ‘do I have to think of something totally different now for my Snapchat story?’ People on Instagram tend to overthink and the beauty in Snapchat is that it is unrefined and full of throwaway natural content.

If you’re the creative type then the user interface of Instagram is far more appealing. Stories are placed at the top of the feed, which in turn will encourage more multiple style content creation. Hanging out on Instagram’s new feature has introduced us to the satisfaction of having both photo and story sharing in one place. How long will we have to wait for an app that holds all our social handles together, under one profile?

In a research test from comparing app ‘Wishbone’ people were asked where their friends were hanging out. The result was a close call with Instagram at 48% and Snapchat leading ever so slightly with 52%.

The real divide and difference between both apps can be measured in their original purpose. Snapchat is meant to be raw and humorous and Instagram is the perfect home for influencers, brands and content producers. There are high expectations for the perfect image. Right now, both seem to be swapping qualities and challenging what they originally stood for when they launched.

Realistically, Instagram will eventually add geo-filters, stickers, branded lenses and other Snapchat like qualities to it’s app. This has probably been pre planned but their gradual carbon copy approach is perhaps done subtly to avoid legal confrontation. Unlocking and copying new creative formats has further innovated the platform and we’re intrigued to see how it develops.

“We’re sure Snapchat have been planning a tactical ‘F U right back’ style response and won’t let this social public humiliation go a miss.”

Who will live happily ever after in this social story….

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