Common Sense Video Understanding at TwentyBN (video)

A talk by Roland Memisevic, CEO & Chief Scientist at TwentyBN, recorded at ReWork Deep Learning Summit 2017 in Montreal

Rework Deep Learning Summit at Montreal

Click below to watch Roland’s talk:

In his talk at ReWork Deep Learning Summit 2017, Roland presents the key takeaways and lessons from TwentyBN’s research progress in common sense video understanding, including:

  • The non-linear but step-function-like evolution of deep learning through bold attempts
  • Why the next AI advancement will be outbreaks in video understanding
  • How TwentyBN generates and grows large-scale video datasets of everyday common-sense scenes and situations
  • The successful neural networks trained end-to-end at TwentyBN without hand-engineering
  • How action recognition tasks drive TwentyBN’s commercial value and our long-term AI agenda on teaching machines common sense of the world through video

Finally, don’t forget to check out our video demos mentioned in Roland’s talk:

SuperDemo 1

SuperDemo 2

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