Rise of (Pragmatic) AI 2018

Demonstrating TwentyBN’s video recognition system to the European tech industry

Source: https://riseof.ai/

In mid-May, TwentyBN attended the 4th Rise of AI Conference in Berlin. Rise of AI is an annual AI event in Berlin where AI enthusiasts gathers together to share progress, vision and inspiration. This year, Rise of AI took place at the heart of Berlin-Mitte on the elegant and bustling Französische Straße. Naturally, TwentyBN did not miss this opportunity to learn from our peers in AI and to demonstrate our state-of-the-art video recognition system to the exuberant crowd.

Speakers and attendees at Rise of AI represent a diverse group of people from across Germany and Europe, including researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers, corporate executives, investors, policymakers, and students. Besides the pleasure from a well-catered conference, participants had an abundance of speakers to listen to, with topics ranging from applied AI technology to entrepreneurship, and from scientific research to the imagination of a futuristic age of AI. Discussions on artificial consciousness and the Singularity were especially popular and well attended.

Our co-founder Christian presenting a talk on Real World Video Understanding (Credit: Matthias Wehofsky)

Amid such excitement, TwentyBN’s co-founder, Christian Thurau, presented a talk titled “real-world video understanding” and elaborated on how TwentyBN plans to turn inanimate cameras into human eyes that can understand complex scenes and human actions. Christian’s talk combined scientific research with technological applications in real-life scenarios, illustrated how TwentyBN is training cutting-edge video recognition systems, and was well received by the audience.

Our AI engineer Till interacting with curious attendees at TwentyBN’s demo booth (Credit: Matthias Wehofsky)

Meanwhile, our engineers were busy showcasing TwentyBN’s technology in the exhibition room. As our video recognition system was the most interactive demo in the exhibition, it was well liked among the attendees who were eager to experience a machine that could see and understand their actions. Bystanders also amused themselves by watching others acting in front of the camera, such as jumping or drinking, as our vision system accurately recognized their actions. This demo, which understands multiple hand gestures and human actions, was one of a handful of real-time live demos at the scene and it reflected our commitment to build AI products that could stand the test of the real world.

We are committed to building AI technology that works in the real world (Source: https://riseof.ai/)

With the progress in deep learning, AI is ripe for development that can benefit our society. Discussions on the Singularity or AI consciousness are optimistic and interesting, but such hypes should not overshadow the efforts in realizing the positive potential of AI. Hence TwentyBN is dedicated to solving common sense AI and building concrete technology that can improve our safety, health, and life quality.

At TwentyBN, we have a clear and straightforward roadmap to create intelligent systems:

Backpropagation + Large volumes of data + Transfer learning

We are making progress on this agenda and we are pushing the frontier of AI technology with our AI research and our ever-growing global video data repository. We will instill machines with common sense so that they can see and understand the world like humans.

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