Hifz “Ibn Kathir” 1.2

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote about Hifz. It has been a very busy month for us. We’ve been trying to iron out a slew of bugs that just creeped into our app. But Alhamdulillah, the app is pretty stable.

What’s new?

Here’s what we have been working on so far:

Guided Memorisation

Double tap to start Guided Memorisation

One of the many requests that we receive is a guide on how to memorise. With Guided Memorisation, we will highlight only one aya and grey out everything else. Double tap to start Guided Memorisation. You read that one aya and repeat until you have memorised it. Then you double tap to move to the next aya. You’ll then read and memorise the second aya. Once you have memorised that, double tap again. This time you’ll be asked to repeat aya 1 and 2. Then you double tap to move to the third aya. Before you realise it, you’ll be done with your Daily Lesson.

iPad Support

Another request is to support the iPad so that you get to read the Quran on a bigger screen — about the size of the regular printed Quran.

Progress Sync

Now that we support the iPad, you may want to start memorising in the morning with it. But during the day, it might be easier to revise on your iPhone, since you always have it with you in your pocket. Well now you can. Your progress will be synced in the background so that you are always up-to-date with your memorisation plan.

And we’ve got one more thing…

Email Sign up

The number one request we’ve received is to enable people without Facebook to sign up. So with 1.2, you can now sign up to Hifz using your email. What are you waiting for? Start memorising now!

What’s with our naming convention?

You may notice that we name each of our iteration. 1.1 was Nafi’ and now 1.2 is Ibn Kathir. Who are these people? That is for another email. Till then, if you know the answer, shoot us an email.

Ok, let’s get back to Quran.

Download Hifz here.