Twibble’s blog is moving to Medium from WordPress!

First, we wrote our own blogging platform. (Don’t ask, none of us knows why we did it. And yes, it sucked.)

Then, we (finally) migrated to WordPress. (And yes, it was great. For a time.)

But now we’ve fallen in love with Medium — or more specifically, I fell in love with Medium — and though this transition to another blogging platform will technically be an experiment for a while, we suspect the change will be permanent.

So why are we doing this? What do we hope (expect?) to gain out of this transition? More usefully, what’s our hypothesis?

If we transition our blog to Medium, then we will firstly see increased blog readership, and secondly, increased referred traffic to

But there’s another simpler, more pragmatic reason for the change: blogging on Medium is just plain awesome. The editor is fast, easy, and beautiful, and it makes publishing a delight.

Just as a finer pen made for better and more frequent writing, so a blogging platform too increases the frequency and quality of online writing, wouldn’t you say?

But transitioning to Medium will offer up yet another viable opportunity for us: reëvaluating the focus of our blog, which is where you, dear reader, should absolutely voice your opinion.

The Twibble Blog has heretofore been a collection of (admittedly sporadically written) articles spanning the gamut from Twitter tips and tricks; spotlights on other companies’ related products; somewhat shameless plugs in the form of Twibble how-to’s; and more besides.

While this new iteration of our blog will at least initially be populated with some of our most popular evergreen content if only to get things started — and updated for relevancy or accuracy as needed — we’re hoping that with your input in the comments we’ll soon be able to find a more focused direction going forward, in order to better provide you with interesting reading at least a few times per week.

Thanks for reading!

PS. Meanwhile, you can still see all our articles on our old WordPress-powered blog here.

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