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Hello everyone!
This is Koji Wada, CEO of the

We have been working for many years to solve the problems of Japanese animation production systems and to create a production environment for making better animated works, and we have launched this ICO project to realize that.

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The body of this project is Twilight Studio, an animation studio having famous animation director Yutaka Yamamoto who has produced several hits. We have been working on a theatrical anime “Hakubo” to release in 2019.

“Hakubo” is a so-called boy-meets-girl story. A boy and a girl meet in Iwaki city, Fukushima prefecture, and fall in love. The concept comes from the original work of the director Yamamoto about 20 years ago.

In this work, we have decided not to rely on the existing “Production Committee System,” which is the most frequently-used fundraising method to produce anime works in Japan. Instead we made use of the crowdfunding in 2017, and succeeded in raising more than 21 million yen donated by 1,225 people, then started producing “Hakubo.”

Director Yamamoto and CEO Koji Wada, distributing the flyers for crowdfunding in Akihabara

Triggered by this, the ICO project has been launched to disseminate the new fundraising method “C2C (Creator to Customer) Production System” as the platform for expanding the production environment for making better anime works. And that is the

Please visit the project ‘s website and read the whitepapers that summarizes our ideas.

I would like to ask for your support for this project, thank you.