Get Ready for Twin Cities Startup Week 2019!

Brianna Harstad
Aug 16 · 3 min read

Twin Cities Startup Week is just around the corner! The Twin Cities Metro Area boasts brilliant hackers, entrepreneurs, creators, and artists who come together each year to celebrate our cities’ vibrant startup culture. From demo showcases to pitch competitions to panels of executive keynotes speakers, TCSW connects entrepreneurs with highly beneficial resources. Since its launch in 2014, TCSW has grown from 50 entrepreneurs gathering for 15 events to hosting over 17,000 registered attendees and providing over 200 events in 2018! For our sixth year running, we are proud to showcase the best of the Startup Capital of the North from October 9–16, 2019!

Twin Cities Startup Week was created to support any and all entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, innovators, and creatives, but events will primarily focus on five specific tracks: sales and marketing, healthcare, fintech, edtech and training, and technology. We’ll start the week with a kick-off party on October 9th, then events will be in full swing on October 10th!

We have an incredible lineup of events ready for you, here are a few spotlight events we are looking forward to!

· MinneDemo is a showcase for working technology products made in Minnesota. Demos are 7 minutes long and PowerPoint IS NOT ALLOWED. We like to think of it as Geek Show and Tell! It’s an energizing and informative evening for innovators, investors, and technologists of all kinds. Come see what the local scene is up to, with networking before, during, and afterward on Thursday, October 10.

· MEDA Millions Dollar Challenge is the largest minority entrepreneurial competition in the country, awarding $1 million in funding to minority businesses from across the nation. The “Shark Tank” style pitch competition includes a speed-pitching event, Meda’s Boot Camp for Successful Pitches, and a final live pitch and awards ceremony on Friday, October 11.

· Minnesota Cup Finals on October 14th celebrates seven months and three rounds of grueling competition and name the Grand Prize winner of the 2019 Minnesota Cup! Our 9 Division Winners will give presentations, followed by networking and awarding prizes of up to $500,000!

· The BETA Showcase on October 14th is like a science fair for startups, except with beer and music! At the Showcase, two dozen emerging startup teams demonstrate their products and services in a relaxed social setting. Attendees include investors, entrepreneurs, founders, students, friends, and family members looking to discover and support the Twin Cities’ startup scene!

· For another year TechStars Farm to Fork Demo Day comes to TCSW! TechStars is back with pitches from 9 companies who have spent the last 3 months intensively refining their innovative solutions from within the Food and AgTech industries.

· Join us for the first annual B.A. Women x Creative’s Connector to network with like-minded, badass women, learn about legal education with the Creative’s Counsel (presented by Wynne Reece) to receive guidance on scaling up your side hustle with legal integrity!

The Fly-In Program is back! Every year we bring 50 highly skilled individuals to experience the joy of Twin Cities Startup Week and meet with local companies who are hiring. Participants are welcome to fly in anytime during Startup Week with three days of packed programming, including informational panels from industry experts, networking sessions, and opportunities to explore the Twin Cities taking place October 14–16.

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Are you interested in participating in our Fly-in Program and exploring the Twin Cities’ vibrant startup community? Please submit your information to the form below! Due to the number of applicants, not everyone may be accepted to participate. If you are selected, you will be reimbursed up to $350 for airfare to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport (MSP). Additional reimbursements are subject to availability and sponsorship support. Apply now here!

Twin Cities Startup Week

TCSW plays host to 19,000+ attendees, 200+ events, hundreds of speakers, pitches, demos + more. This year, we're showcasing the best from the Startup Capital of the North September 21–25, 2020!

Brianna Harstad

Written by

Twin Cities Startup Week

TCSW plays host to 19,000+ attendees, 200+ events, hundreds of speakers, pitches, demos + more. This year, we're showcasing the best from the Startup Capital of the North September 21–25, 2020!

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