Twinkle(TKT) Weekly Report 10.29~11.04

Sun Tielin, Global Strategy Development Officer of Twinkle(TKT) Entertainment Platform, and GSX Company initially discussed cooperation.

On October 25th, Mr. Sun Tielin, Global Strategy Development Officer of Twinkle(TKT) Entertainment Platform had a first-time negotiation with the top management of the well-known blockchain trading company GSX, and exchanged and discussed in the respective advantageous areas of blockchain technology.

Twinkle(TKT) Entertainment Platform :The Mercury Live Concert Ticket Event, Successfully Ended.

On October 26th, Twinkle(TKT) Entertainment Platform launched a live-themed ticket event at Mercury Music. The “Mercury” music label teamed up with five groups of bands and a group of special guests to form the most luxurious indoor performance lineup in Beijing. Twinkle(TKT) Entertainment Platform brought users back to the festival, six hours of super long time, enjoying the music carnival night of. As long as you join the community, you have the opportunity to get the benefits of this event.

Weekly Technology Report


  1. Twinkle-APP activity applet officially launched.
  2. Twinkle-APP WeChat applet officially launched.
  3. Twinkle-APP completes the new requirements review phase.
  4. Twinkle-APP new version completes iterative planning phase.
  5. Twinkle-APP new version enters the technology development stage.

Twinkle — main chain progress

  1. Optimize the relay node to add nodes and write data code separation to reduce code coupling.
  2. Optimize the separation of relay plug-in code and standardize the modularization process of the relay.
  3. Twinkle browser front-end development completed.
  4. Twinkle browser backend framework code writing.