Biko, Why Are Nigerians So Shameless?

  • Your husband is cheating on you and you now know who his side chick is. You accost her at the shopping mall and threaten her, raising your voice with each sentence. As a crowd begins to gather, you become emboldened and you deal her a hot slap!
  • You have a misunderstanding with a service provider. You immediately announce it on social media so that random people can support you as you seek resolution of the matter
  • Your tenant has been owing rent, yet he is still living the life. You lock the gate and deny him the right to exit the compound. You make sure you make a public scene. Even worse, you call a carpenter to remove the doors, windows, and maybe even the roof
  • There are children whose parents haven’t paid their school fees. You have even sent numerous reminders but no action. You call the students out in assembly, line them up, and flog them properly. Maybe their parents will be motivated to pay when they recount the pain they experienced being flogged
  • Someone hits your car in traffic. Instead of acknowledging their fault or even coming down to look at the damage, he sits still in the car. You come down and start hitting their car whilst still on the road, after all, no be only dem sabi craze.



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‘Gbubemi Atimomo

‘Gbubemi Atimomo

Writer | HR & Business Consultant | Entrepreneurship Advocate | People Observer & Harmony Seeker