How Well Do You Sleep?

  • Forget about work when you want to go to bed. don’t take anything other than yourself to bed
  • Create a peaceful ambience in your bedroom by choosing light wall colours and adding wall art. You could also try scented candles and room spray
  • Get the right type of bed frame, mattress, and pillow that suit your age and body
  • Unclutter so that you don’t constantly have to leap through clothes, shoes, or even books before you can get into bed
  • Ensure your beddings (pillowcases, bedsheets, and duvets) are clean and changed frequently
  • Regulate your room temperature to enhance comfortability. Also, check room ventilation and ensure proper air circulation
  • Follow a sleep schedule so your sleep patterns are more predictable, and you get enough rest
  • Track your sleep with a fitness band; you may never know how well (or badly) you sleep until you see proof



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‘Gbubemi Atimomo

‘Gbubemi Atimomo


Writer | HR & Business Consultant | Entrepreneurship Advocate | People Observer & Harmony Seeker