Now Your Suffering Continues (NYSC)

  • There must be a renewed focus on data collation, management, and analysis to ensure that data-driven decision making supports the scheme’s activities
  • A formal partnership with the private sector is required to ensure employers of labour are empowered to support the growth and development of corps members during and after their service experience
  • Specialist tracks can be introduced so that corps members have the option of starting their professional lives doing work they are either skilled for or interested in. Such tracks could include medical, educational, digital skills, technology, agriculture, technical, and entrepreneurship
  • The safety of all corps members must be guaranteed by the state governments and the host communities, and this requires that corps members are not posted to dangerous areas. Also, the Federal Government should provide life and medical insurance cover to all corps members during the period of service
  • To address cultural integration, corps members should go through a structured programme of activities during the one-year period with clear milestones stated for activities to be engaged in and skills to be developed. These could include learning the local language and understanding the culture



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‘Gbubemi Atimomo

‘Gbubemi Atimomo

Writer | HR & Business Consultant | Entrepreneurship Advocate | People Observer & Harmony Seeker