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Question and Answer Session

So I took the time to find out some common questions people may ask. It’s understandable with how the market is currently. So to make it easier in one read I wanted to post it in this article page. Hopefully it makes everyone’s life a little easier and get out all your thoughts or things you didn’t even think to ask.

If you read this much great, please do keep going. At times I might be too busy to answer the same questions so an intro here can save you a lot of time.

Question: What is the total supply?
Answer: 3,000 and it’s deflationary so it will reduce overtime.

Question: Why is the circulating supply increasing?
Answer: It starts from 0, fair launch no pre-mine.

Question: Is the liquidity locked?
Answer: There was no presale and no liquidity to start with.

Question: Is there a mint function to dump on the liquidity?
Answer: There is no dev mint function, so can’t mint and dump.

Question: If a person claims are taxed will it buyback and burn TWIS?
Answer: Yup, the claim will be taxed to burn $TWIS from that 3k.

Question: So when LP pull liquidity they get ETH back but the TWIS is burnt?
Answer: No, TWIS is burned when rewards are claimed via claim reward tax.

Question: Why are you taxing us?
Answer: Deflationary, claim reward tax will be applied to buy back and burn the token. From day 5 and onwards there will be 0 Tax.

Question: How many times can rewards be claimed in a 24hr period?
Answer: No max claim withdrawal but you can only withdraw 10% of your initial liquidity every 24hrs.

Question: The per day tax for example say I have 1ETH on day 4 and add an 1ETH again. Would it average out the farming time?
Answer: The withdraw limit is based on your peak staked amount. Taking your example, on day 4 you have 2ETH and 10% per day limit so you can withdraw max 0.2 ETH, but before that it was 0.1ETH because you contributed 1ETH.

Hopefully this was somewhat helpful. I will summarize few things and I hope this would be a nice social experiment and see if I can build things on top of this project.

  • Only 3,000 TWIS available for farming rewards. There will be 0 circulating supply at launch.
  • Reward starts at 1,500 TWIS then halves every week, and continue until a total of 3,000 has been distributed.
  • Deflationary, claim reward tax will be applied to buy back and burn the token.

No premine, No ICO, No VC, No dev mint function. Have a nice day!