Updates to Pulse: Comment on and share posts

Sheila Raju
May 3, 2017 · 2 min read

Since launching in March, many broadcasters have used Pulse to share and connect with their viewers, whether it’s a funny meme from chat or a favorite clip from their stream. Today, we’re announcing two new features for Pulse.


Your highlight reel deserves some love. And your favorite clip. And that photo of your setup, too. There’s no better way than getting feedback, input, and reactions from your viewers. That’s why now you can enable comments for friends, subscribers, and followers.

Stay in touch with your followers even when you’re not live. Your followers can comment on all your GIFs, memes, highlights, and clips on Pulse. This setting is on by default. If you would like to opt out, you can go to the settings page. Learn more here.


Want to share another broadcaster’s clip or charity stream with your followers? Spread the streamer love by sharing any Pulse post. When you do, it will appear on your friends’ and followers’ Pulse feeds for all to enjoy.

To learn more this new feature, click here.

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Sheila Raju

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Double double animal style. Product Marketing @Twitch.

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