Before the dashboard existed, the only way to add notifications was via the “!twitch notif add” command. Since then we’ve shifted our development efforts to prioritize the dashboard over commands and as a result, notification and Live Role commands have fallen by the wayside, receiving no updates when we announced new features (such as Webhooks v2, or Live Role Notifications).

After a bit of internal discussion, we have decided that it would ultimately be the best if we removed these commands in order to continue giving a consistent, easy-to-use experience with Streamcord. …

After being public for a little less than three years, we have reached our biggest milestone yet! The amount of support from streamers, gamers, and countless other Discord communities (in short, you guys!) has been amazing and we’re so glad that so many people have chosen to use Streamcord.

On top of this achievement, we’re excited to announce a couple new features that everyone will enjoy.

Dashboard Redesign

We’re completely rebuilding one of Streamcord’s most essential features: the dashboard. While the current interface gets the job done, we know that it can be taken to the next level. With this rework, we…

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Last November and December, we ran a poll on the dashboard asking for feedback. Here’s what we got from 1,051 responses.

The Big Picture

As it turns out, there’s a lot to learn by asking your user-base just three simple questions. On the poll, we asked the following:

  1. One a scale from one to five, how easy is it to use the dashboard?
  2. What makes the dashboard difficult to use? This question was only shown to people who marked a three or lower on the previous question.
  3. How can we improve the dashboard?

How easy is it to use the dashboard?

Update: We just released a new system for notifications called Webhooks v2. This should act as a replacement for the discontinued webhook notifications. You can learn more about Webhooks v2 at this support article.

Last June, we announced a new system for notifications that seemed to be a solution to an overloaded and badly-optimized service. Turns out we were dead wrong.

The Webhooks v1 notification service will be completely discontinued on July 1st of 2020! Transfer your v1 notifications to legacy or Webhooks v2 by then.

TL;DR: As of today, you’ll no longer be able to add new notifications to…

Streamcord was made to give people an easy way to get Twitch stream announcements. Our goal, from the start, has been to give everyone a product that just works consistently. Over the past few months, we haven’t been able to deliver this to our users.

This kind of unreliability is absolutely unacceptable. Having a functional Discord bot for integrating with Twitch is important to every single one of our users, from streamers, to fan communities and teams. We know that you expect a reliable service, and we’re sorry that we’re falling short of demand.

Since Streamcord was released, the amount…

For over two years, I’ve been focused on making TwitchBot into what it is today. Now it’s time for a bit of a change: we’re renaming TwitchBot to Streamcord.

Now, you’re probably wondering a few things already:

  • Why are we changing TwitchBot’s name?
  • What does this mean for the bot itself?
  • Why does the new name and background color look like Streamlabs?

Why are we changing TwitchBot’s name?

To answer your first question, let me pull an excerpt from Twitch’s terms of service.

TWITCH, the Twitch logos, CURSE, the Curse logos, and any other product or service name, logo, or slogan used by Twitch, and the…

We’ve been internally testing a new system for notifications over the past couple months. These new notifications have allowed us to add lots of new features. With this system, you can configure TwitchBot to do one of four things when the stream ends:

  • Delete the notification message
  • Edit the notification message
  • Send a new message saying that the streamer has gone offline
  • Do nothing with the notification message (default behavior)

Currently, you cannot choose what you want your stream offline message to look like, instead TwitchBot will send a pre-selected message. We plan to implement this in the future.


We’ve got some brand new features for Live Role that were first suggested by people in our Discord server. At the time of writing this, the suggestion now has 53 upvotes. We finally implemented this idea, and now you can set up TwitchBot to send a message when someone shows the streaming status on Discord. On the TwitchBot dashboard, you’ll see that the Live Role section has been given an upgrade.

We’ve just launched a new feature that has been long-awaited by TwitchBot Pro users since the service came out last summer: a dashboard for the Pro bot that allows notifications, live role, and other settings to be modified from a cool-looking website.

Here’s a rundown of what comes with the new update:

Easily view your subscription details

Now it’s possible to see what exactly your TwitchBot Pro membership includes, with a neat little section on your account page. To access it, just go to and scroll down to the section that says “TwitchBot Pro”.

We recently ran a survey in the last few days asking people for their opinions on TwitchBot Premium and how we can improve it. Over these days, I’ve been collecting the data and reading people’s responses. We’ve gotten a lot of insight from the 15 total questions we asked to different audiences, including Patrons and non-Patrons.

We received 57 total responses to this survey, which is more than I had initially expected.

The Responses and Feedback

In the survey, we asked non-Patrons why they weren’t subscribed to Premium. Respondents could check multiple answers, or have custom answers. …


Announcements and the latest news for Streamcord

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