5 VITAL Lessons Sport Has Taught Me About Life

The love of sport in Australia’s society in today’s day and age is something that is becoming increasingly positive and forming a collective culture as we are beginning to break down barriers and connect with people as a result of the shared passion that has almost been implanted into our DNA. This broad culture that multiple generations have been brought up in that has ultimately shaped a variety of shared morals, beliefs and ethical values has become a way to connect on a deeper level with not only the people we know but also strangers who you have only just met.

I say this because I have realised that the people I have met over the last few years of my life who I perceive a success in a particular facet of their life all share one common denominator. This is that they attribute their success towards a passion they discovered early in life. These passions for these role models of mine paved the way for them to discover a culture of belonging and purpose which assisted them to never lose sight of what was important.

For me personally, since being enrolled into my first soccer game as a 5 year old (where I was running around aimlessly in circles for 40 minutes every Saturday afternoon….I have slightly improved now at 20 years old) until today, sport and the discipline and teamwork that comes with it has been the culture which has taught me some of the most important lessons that I carry with me into everyday life. While some of these lessons seemed insignificant at the time, it is not until you have no choice but to put them into practice that you discover how vital they were to your development.

Below are the 5 most important lessons I personally use week to week in order to develop in all areas of my life that you too can implement right after you read them!

1 — Perseverance! The discipline to continuously overcome adversity to achieve a desired result!

It may sound cliche but doing what we love should be the clay in which we mould our life around. Nothing has taught me to push through a barrier more than having no choice but to persevere with the task at hand on the field and visualise the satisfaction that can come from achieving a particular accolade in a particular sport. Find your obsession worth persevering over and over again until you reach a desired level!

2 — You lost? GOOD! Learn from what lead to this failure and I guarantee it will be applicable to a lot of things in your life!

Too often people fail at something and either give up or try it again without understanding or having the awareness of where they went wrong. I could not be happier that I have lost multiple games of basketball, soccer, tennis and gridiron. Even something as silly as one such time where I was 10 years old and celebrated the game winning goal at soccer only to realise no one else on my team was celebrating because I just kicked the ball into the wrong net will teach you a new lesson……In fact if I had my time again I would go down the same path and make sure I lose a majority of these games! Why? The realisation in black and white of exactly what you need to work on to see success is very rare in other situations of life.

3 — AUTONOMY! You are responsible for your own actions that will impact both you and your team!

One thing that is universal with any sporting TEAM is that your coach will give you autonomy to some extent over decisions or plays that need to be made in order to win a game. Now while people may believe sports such as golf and tennis only impact the sole player, the reality is that the team that comes with these “self made” athletes will also feel the consequences of the athlete’s actions. The responsibility of autonomy in any sporting situation can make or break a game or season to a greater degree which is why careful consideration mixed with creativity have to be harnessed in order to succeed.

4 — A position of leadership is more important than people already tell us it is!

Being given the role of captain for a team is the greatest honour you can get among your peers and teammates. This position should never be taken lightly whether it be on the field or in the corporate world as the fact of the matter is people need leaders and not managers. Both should coexist in the one role as the majority of the population will look to someone for guidance or advice when faced with a scenario that is foreign or challenging to them. Becoming that dependable leader is invaluable to everyone around you.

5 — Focus on your strengths and passions for that is what will motivate you!

As aforementioned, successful people attribute their success to a passion they have developed a love for. What constitutes this to me is something that you would do for free for the rest of your life. Nothing can ring truer in terms of that statement than my love for sport as being someone who has never cracked the professional circuit for anything (lets be honest I have more chance of winning the lotto 10 times in a row), if I had to guess I would say registration and equipment over the years would put me at — $10,000 if not more NET profit! If you ask someone to give you $10,000 to have the privilege to partake in a task or event they will most likely look at you with complete shock, yet we don’t think twice about the cost if it is to do with things that motivate us. The same should be evident in our lives as passions that we can afford to spend money on that will develop our character and intellectual understanding of particular topics are invaluable.

Anyone who is reading this that shares the same passion as me when it comes to sport, what are the most important lessons sport and the culture that comes with it has taught you? How have you been shaped to become the person you are today because of sport or any other passion you have?

Written By: Michael Candiloro

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