The best thing I have learnt at university thus far…BRANDING

It is THE most debated topic I hear among university students around me in recent weeks and months…is a degree “enough” to not only get you into the workforce but into your desired niche or industry of employment?

Yes, being a current university student who is fascinated by the world of marketing has it’s perks as personally one thing I have certainly learnt is that “branding” is evidently taking place all around us in our day to day lives in everyone and everything that exists. Shouldn’t this then be a catalyst as to what motivates students to stand apart from each other in order to break away and attain a job that will intrinsically motivate and fulfill our desires?

This has everything to do with the topic aforementioned in this post as I guarantee that there are a couple of reasons why the university students with the greatest GPA or the hardest workers from 18–25 years old with the same degree are struggling to find success in their preferred industry. Struggling to obtain that internship make their mark into their desired industry is a lack of personal uniqueness and easily transferable tangible skills. Every company and role I have worked for in my short working career has preached that they “add value” whether it be in the products or services they provide to their target market. Now granted, yes I can admit comfortably that I have missed out on a few internships and opportunities in my time much like many other students like me…but why? Because of a lack of self awareness and not having a firm grasp on how to truly brand ourselves throughout any stage of our development.

So having said this, in my honest opinion it is not enough to simply have a degree in today’s day and age as continuous innovations from companies and the continuous changes to various marketplaces that require companies to “pivot” are setting the tone for what they expect from their employees. A degree which outlines the “basic” knowledge of a topic, a framework to learn if you will if the bare minimum. Add real experience and exceptional achievement in a field and that can get your foot in the door. Add all of this plus evidence that you are a potential new employees out of university to have the ability come up with creative solutions to short term and strategic problems that arise in whatever industry while simultaneously positively branding yourself through externally learnt skills to university and high quality professional attributes…that is where we as students are now required to be. This to me is the formula to completing that first daunting step out of university and setting the tone for the rest of our professional lives.

Written By: Michael Candiloro

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