Bonding over Brews: Noble Rey Brewery

Entering Noble Rey Brewery

It’s important as a couple to bond over shared interests. It gives you both an opportunity to discuss something you enjoy. If you and your significant other don’t have that common interest, find one.

Maria and I are big fans of beer. I love brewing and we love to drink beer. A fun fact about DFW is that there are quite a few craft breweries. I wanted to check out some new breweries in Dallas. It also happened to be the weekend before my birthday, so we planned to celebrate.

The first brewery on my list was Noble Rey Brewing. They had a couple IPAs that caught my eye. Maria and I have an affinity for strong hoppy beers. If you’re in Dallas, check them out.

The taproom was cozy. It was your typical rustic hipster scene. Luckily it wasn’t a very crowded day because I could see it being unpleasant with too many people — it’s a fairly small space indoors but they do have picnic tables outside for overflow. We quickly got our beers and grabbed a table and started talking.

Our shared interests are a great way for us to connect and come together. It’s also nice to talk over drinks because it doesn’t get too serious. It gives us the opportunity to vent about what is stressing us out. We even sat and contemplated the future. Then took some selfies and went to play in the free play arcade. Noble Rey has an awesome arcade set up. They have cabinet games and consoles ready for you to enjoy. They even have skee ball set up in the back. All in a day’s adventure!


Brewery exploration is about more than just trying new beers. It’s a time for Maria and I to connect. It’s an opportunity for us to talk about whatever is on our mind. It is beneficial to get out and experience something new together and the beer isn’t a bad piece of the bargain either!

For those out there that love beer, and strong hoppy brews, check out Noble Rey’s Vertigo, it is a whopping 10% and tastes delicious. Their summer IPA, Juice is Loose, is also very tasty on a warm summer afternoon. Noble Ray has a nice casual taproom with awesome beers. Come for the beer and bring good friends for entertainment. But there are free play games if you don’t like your friends.

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