Colour Palette — January 2020

Kate Anderson
Feb 7 · 2 min read

New [monthly?] idea

I’ve decided this year to try out swatch ideas for inspiration not only for myself, but for anyone!

Each month, I plan on taking a photograph I quite like aesthetically and choosing a colour palette from it. Then, taking those colours and converting it to DMC flosses. As you’ve no doubt realised, I work exclusively in DMC floss. I’m not endorsed by the company DMC, I just love the quality and options provided.

I had to -of course- begin with my sort of signature image, found on the website Unsplash. Side note; I’m not exactly sure why I felt this image would represent my brand so well, but it’s served me nicely. It’s such a calming, interesting, slightly abstract photo but also not overpowering or direct.

So now we have our colour scheme, let’s convert these RGB colours into DMC colours!

171, 190, 216 > 3840
217, 230, 242 > 3841
240, 212, 188 > 950
187, 109, 67 > 435
214, 166, 140 > 422

The floss colours themselves!

Beach-y themed colour palette

So keeping in mind there 16,777,216 different available colours when using the RGB scale (256×256×256) and only 500 colours in the DMC selection, sometimes getting the absolute perfect colour can be a bit tricky. Sacrifices and allowances must be made.

But looking at these colours together, I think this would make a lovely palette. What kind of things can you see yourself making from these colours?

Thanks for reading! Feel free to hit the recommend button if you found this piece helpful.

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Digital and physical handmade artwork and products.

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    Aussie living in SoCal. After having 2 kids, I’m finding my footing again in web design/development as well as turning my hobbies into potential income.

    Two Little Kits

    Digital and physical handmade artwork and products.

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