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In Solidarity for Ukraine, I’ve Made A New, Free Cross-Stitch Pattern.

A symbol of resistance

If you haven’t heard about the war on Ukraine that the Russian government started last week, you must be new to the internet. If so… welcome to the internet! It’s both fantastic and terrifying.

On the 24th of February, the Russian president ordered an invasion of the country; Ukraine, over baseless accusations and claims of genocide. This has been threatened for such a long time, but it is still terrifying and saddening to see it happen. My condolences to everyone who is affected by this baseless war and horrifying, glorified ‘dick-measuring’ contest.

“Sunflower Seeds” digitally stitched

One outstanding show of bravery and balls of steel moment has come up online of a Ukrainian woman confronting and standing up to a fully-armed Russian soldier. A bystander recorded a video of the interaction and it has been translated to English in a few different ways. But basically, she said:

Take these seeds and put them in your pocket, so at least sunflowers will grow when you die.

I mean, what a badass.

So I -and many other pattern designers, no doubt- wanted to immortalise her words of bravery in the face of adversity in the best way I know how; a cross-stitch pattern.


You can get this pattern right now and start stitching it for yourself. And it’s free, of course. For whatever reason you may need it; if you feel helpless about the situation, if you are scared and need a reminder that there are people on the side of good, if you need a distraction… whatever the need may be. I just hope this brings a bit of solace in these dark and difficult times.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to hit that clap button if you found this piece interesting.

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