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My WIPs & FOs for December in 2022

What did I work on & do in December?

Works in Progress

Let’s see the WIPs:

A future embroidery pattern that will eventually be available for you! // I picked up Pretty Little LA again!
My latest commissioned stitch people wedding portrait. // The very beginning of Enchanted Fairy Forest Map cross-stitch pattern.

Finished Pieces

Let’s have a look!

Christmas gifts for my daughters

My youngest is really into the newest games of Pokémon (Scarlett) and her starter was Sprigatito.
My oldest is obsessed with Minecraft (as I’ve mentioned before..!) and so I picked 6 things she enjoyed using ingame.

Portrait from my Biddies Christmas exchange

  1. Earlier last year, one of the “biddies” moved to Hawaii. It was then (somehow) questioned whether her and her husband would visit a nude beach after moving. The in-joke then was the assumption that they would visit a nudist beach and become frequent attendees.
  2. For the third year, I participated in my stitchy-group-of-friends’ Christmas gift exchange. Each year we are randomly assigned a fellow “biddie” whom we can gift what we like within a budget, but one of the items needs to be a stitch. My assigned lady, Courtney requested something to commemorate her move to Hawaii.
The messy bun on the woman. It took me about 4 weeks to get the nerves to stitch/tie it in place..! // Check out their tan lines and butt-cracks — haha! // Overall I think it came out pretty good. What do you think?
The entire finished piece. It totally cracks me up 🤣

“Blackwork Foxes” by Flossy Fox Shop

The entire piece is completed in a 5-inch embroidery hoop. I think it turned out lovely!
Close-up of the piece. I made a few very minor edits but it is basically as the pattern depicts.

Portrait for my Martial Arts studio

I love how the headband turned out on this woman! // One of the instructors doing a flying kick.
The owner of the place and his dog, Tonga. // The other two people in the piece — the man is in a fighting stance.
The completed piece, finished in a black 5x7” frame.

Portrait for Elyse Myers & Family

I am so pleased with how the florals turned out for this piece. Like, seriously pleased. I’ll be doing them again one day! // Elyse and her son; August. I know she does her hair differently nowadays but I am pleased with how it turned out! // If you don’t follow Elyse on Tik Tok/Instagram, this is something she says quite often after asking a rhetorical question.
The finished piece in its entirety. Words cannot describe how happy I am with the final, completed stitch of this.

Merch sampler arrived!

Click the images above to visit their shop pages.
Grab your own sweater!

Stuff that’s happened IRL

Cat Café

My youngest with one of the dozen cats.


She hugged it. I mean, come on!

Social Media

Jan 1st stats for Instagram (5,641 followers).

For 2023

And that’s it!

We had quite a bit of snow early in the month!



Digital and physical handmade artwork and products.

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