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My WIPs & FOs for February in 2023

If it’s already March… then it’s time to wrap up February!

Jump to:

Frogging so much of my work /cry

New Products

Cross-Stitch Pattern

Embroidery Pattern

Works in Progress

Let’s see the physical WIPs:

And some digital WIPs:

How-to Videos

Stuff that’s happened IRL

We received our green cards!

Uhh, “Welcome”? We have been here a while now!

Visit from my mum!

My mum teaching my youngest how to crochet ❤️
I asked my mum if she could make me an ORT catcher before she came. She definitely delivered!️

Social Media

  1. My kids had mid-winter break, and
  2. My mum visiting!
Mar 1st stats for Instagram (5,701 followers).

And that’s it!



Digital and physical handmade artwork and products.

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Kate Anderson

Aussie living in WA, USA. After having 2 kids, I’m finding my footing again after being a front-end dev/designer, turning my hobbies into something more.