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Recent(ish) Gifts — Teacher Appreciation 2022

2021–22 Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I swear, I made teacher appreciation week gifts this previous school year..! If you’re new around here, you may not know that for the past few years I have stitched up stitch people portraits for my own kids' teachers and therapists as a special, personalised “thank you” for their amazing hard work in helping me raise my kidlets to not grow up to be monsters.

It takes a number of hours to design them all and weeks to then stitch them to a level I am happy with. But in the end, they are always so well received and isn’t that why we do these kinds of things in the first place?


Again, if you are new around here, you might not know that my oldest daughter is considered special needs. She has been receiving a number of therapy services since she was a toddler ranging from speech therapy to physical therapy and even feeding therapy.

These amazing therapists fly under the radar when it comes to the “teacher appreciation week” so I always make sure to stitch them something to show my deepest thanks for what they do.

These 5 women helped out my daughter so much the previous 12 months. The three that have “Miss” before their name are the school therapists (speech, occupational and physical therapies) and the other two were her after-school therapists (speech, occupational and feeding therapies). Seeing how much work they did each week by way of my daughters' skills improving makes my heart so happy.

Thank you to all the therapists out there, both pediatric and adult alike.

…aaaand Teachers!

You may recall earlier this year I posted an early teacher appreciation gift that I completed. You may recall that I stitched this piece early because my daughter’s kindergarten teacher was finishing up in March to start her maternity leave. This meant my daughter had a second kindergarten teacher this year!

So of course, I had to stitch her substitute teacher a portrait, too. Not only because she asked me to make him one! 😁

But again, so many portraits of my oldest daughter, Charlie. She had 2 literal teachers (a special education teacher and a general education teacher) but she also had a handful of paraeducators to assist her and her fellow exceptional-needs-friends whilst at school.

I was told by her teacher that she was especially excited to gift the piece to her very favourite paraeducator; Mr Bryce. She is just the sweetest girl.

And that’s the huge amount of teacher and therapist gifts I created earlier this year! It’s something I start preparing for much, much earlier than when the actual appreciation week actually is (which is the first full month of May) because not only do I have to stitch them up, but designing them takes a lot of work, as well as setting up the fabric and playing sleuth to get recent photos and such of everybody so they all look right takes a lot of work, too!

What do you think of these? They’re not something I’ve really offered as something people can order (since I always have so many to stitch myself) but is this something you think you might be interested in investing in as gifts for your child(ren)’s teachers/therapists next year? Drop a comment below!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to hit that clap button if you found this piece helpful.

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