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After my Patreon page didn’t go as I had planned, I decided before I upset anyone to close my page and reassess what it was that I wanted to do that could work for my current situation, both family-life as well as Two Little Kits capabilities.

I already had a Ko-fi page set up and semi-active, and I like where the company building it are taking the website. There are lots of updates, it allows for growth, has a shop and will be an easier and cheaper way for me to accept stitch people commissions (rather than Etsy).

What is Ko-fi, anyway?

Ko-fi is a platform where people can accept monetary donations from fans and take absolutely no fee, so all of your money goes straight to the person you’re wanting to donate to. It can also accept memberships (monthly subscriptions of donations), has a shop (I have quite a few of my patterns on there — more will come soon!), accepts commissions (I have my stitch people commissions set up there as well as custom embroidery pieces) and can send patron-only updates and information.

It’s very cool. Trust me.

I am a “gold” member, which means I have unlocked some of the above things as well as am actively helping the company continue to grow and improve.

Want to see behind-the-scenes work that I can’t share publically? Want to vote or even suggest patterns that I should work on? Wish to be the first to know when stitch people spots open up? Just like what you see from my previous work and want to support me? Jump on board! I can’t wait to have you join me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to hit that clap button if you found this piece helpful.

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